Vervoe Candidate Experience

During my time at Vervoe, an online skill testing platform, one of the key projects I have worked on is improving the candidate experience. The need to improve the canddiate experience came out of discussions with customer success regarding consistent issues brought up by candidates through our support center. Coincidentally, the development team needed to re-write the code behind the experience to ensure it was scalable. We therefore decided to completely redesign the experience over the course of two sprints.

The consistent issues we wanted to solve were:
• Candidates having issues with video and audio questions. We wanted to improve their confidence going into the assessment by allowing them to test their equipment before starting the test. We also wanted to make it clear to them if these question types didn't work on mobile, prior to them beginning the test.

• Improving clarity around the deadline. Previously we only told people that they had x days left to complete an assessment, however candidates needed to know the exact time, down to the minute, that their assessment would expire

• Improving the mobile experience. Previously it was quite hard for candidates to complete an assessment on their phone, and the amount of users who only had access to a mobile device was growing.

• Preparation and practice mode for timed questions that include audio and video answers.

• Better UI and responses when uploading a file.

• Making the assessments easier to navigate - previously candidates had to go through questions one by one, in order, we now allow you to skip to any question.

• Increased employer branding for a personalised experience.

• Highlighting the profile section so candidates can fill in more details about themselves outside of the assessment itself.

As a result of the redesign, candidate NPS went from 46 to 65, and support tickets decreased.

On the overview start screen, we now tell candidates exactly how long they have to complete. We give an overview of how many questions to expect, test their internet connection to ensure they can get through the assessment easily and we take them through to a testing page to test their audio and video.
The side menu expands out making it easier to navigate.
Timed questions come with a prep screen ensuring the candidate is prepared for the question.
Little details such as hover states showing the exact expiry ensure the candidate knows exactly how long they have to complete the assessment.
File downloads now include the file size and have clearer UI.
Clearer response UI when uploading files.
Clearer UI when submitting the Talent Trial, and a more positive success state.
The previous experience was incredibly hard to use on mobile, so we addressed the entire mobile UI to make it easy for candidates to complete assessments on their mobile devices.

Previous Design

Below are some of the previous candidate experience screens, notice how candidates had no way of knowing the exact time of expiry, and to get to the last question they would have to click through each question in the assessment.
Another issue was the submitted state, which showed steps the candidate should expect to receive, including results. Often it took a while for the employer to get back to the candidates, and we therefore had a lot of candidates contacting us about their progress due to the design of this screen.


Type:Product Design (Web UI and UX)


Vervoe is an AI-powered skill testing platform that allows employers to create or choose online tests (“Talent Trials”) to see how job applicants perform in real-world and real-job scenarios.