Type:Branding, Print, Digital


The Tavern is currently the only bar at the University of Western Australia. The venue was in desperate need of a refurbishment. Old tables, a dark and dinghy interior layout and non-existent branding or uniforms all contributed to the poor reputation of the venue.

As a part of the Creative team at UWA Student Guild, I worked on selecting new furniture and the layout of the alfresco area within the tavern. A mixture of soft seating as well as benches that could be joined together for large groups were chosen.

Previously, the Tavern had no branding. I developed multiple options which reflected the casual, vibrant mood of the new Tavern, with the final design being selected by student committees. The modern logo reflects the architecture of the building, which is a unique double story loft with a strong connection to UWA student culture. Menus were developed (as they did not previously exist) allowing students to see what items were on the menu.

The Tavern was re-launched in Semester 2, 2015 through multiple channels. The rebrand was advertised via EDMs, print magazines, social media and web.

The launch and re-brand saw The Tavern packed out on it’s first day, with the daily special selling out!