The Problem

The existing website (displayed below) was overloaded with information. It was confusing and overwhelming, and far from visually appealing. After gathering user feedback, we decided to highlight the key stats people were looking for, such as average yearly cost. The previous design was not responsive, which was an issue for the site when 50% of users were accessing it on mobile devices.

The Solution

I began this project by taking the key features users said they valued (such as average yearly cost) and highlighting this, while still giving the option to access further information. Working with the owner of the website, I created various wireframes and sketches before deciding on the final design. The design is responsive, working on all devices.

The Details

Small details were taken into account, such as tooltips to help guide the user through the calculator, and give them a helping hand to fill in the more specific fields within the calculator.


Type:UI and UX, Illustration


Car Cost Calculator is a re-design of an existing project. The existing site was overloaded with information, so I decided to highlight the key stat users asked for (average cost per year). Users still have access to the existing information and cost breakdown, but it is now presented in an easy to read format.